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Fumed Alumina 100


CE Chemicals’ Fumed Alumina 100 is perfect for applications requiring a high purity level. Produced in a stable environment, under controlled conditions, it ensures that your application will meet the most stringent quality requirements.

General Information

CAS: 1344-28-1

Synonyms: Fumed Alumina Oxide, Fumes Alumina Particles, Fumed Aluminum Oxide, Fumes Metal Oxide, Highly Dispersed Fumed Aluminum Oxide(Al2O3), Nano Aluminum Oxide

Counter Type: AEROXIDE®ALU C, SpectrAl® Fumed Alumina


Fumed Alumina 100 is fine-particulate aluminum oxide (Al2O3) with a high specific surface area, created with advanced technology. It’s characterized by narrow particle size distribution, a consistent crystal form, and good free-flow properties. Fumed Alumina 100 has a particular role in specific applications due to its electropositive chargeability.


  • Anti-blocking agent in PET films.
  • A free-flow agent & anti-caking agent in Powder Coating. Fumed Alumina 100 can increase the Actual Coverage Ratio (ACR), improve the flow behavior, and enhance the anti-caking properties of powder coatings.
  • A fluorescent tube and light bulb additive. During electrostatic coating, Fumed Alumina 100 provides homogeneous light emission and improved flowability of the fluorescent mix.
  • High gloss and printing quality enhancer in coatings of premium ink-jet paper.


Properties Unit Value
Specific surface area (BET)  m2/g 100±15
Tamped density  g/l Approx 55
Moisture  ( hours at 105) % ≤5
Ignition loss (2 hours at 1000, based on material dried for 2 hours at 105)   % ≤3
pH   4.5-5.5
Al2O3 content (Based on ignited material)  % ≥99

Packaging, Storage & Transportation

Packed in multiple layer bags (N.W.:10 KG) with pallets, 200KG/pallet, 4000KG/40’FCL.

Fumed Alumina 100 should be kept in closed containers under dry conditions to protect the material from volatile substances.

Shelf Life

12 months

Product Overview

CE Chemicals’ Fumed Alumina 100 is an essential product for many industrial and manufacturing processes. It is characterized by high-purity, white, odorless, weightless, non-toxic, and insoluble in water.

Fumed alumina 100 is manufactured by the controlled combustion of aluminum in an oxygen-rich environment. The resulting product is a specific kind of aluminum oxide powder with a number of unique properties. Besides purity, it features low water content and low acidity.

Fumed Alumina 100 has a tamped density of 50-55g/l. And it has a narrow particle size distribution, primary nano-meter size and agglomerate ≤0.7μm.

Fumed Alumina 100 has a wide variety of applications, such as a filler in plastics and rubber, as a flame retardant, or in aluminum production. Also, it’s utilized as a pigment in paints and coatings, as an additive in adhesives and sealants, and in the manufacturing of abrasives, ceramics, and refractory materials.

If you have any questions about CE Chemicals Fumed alumina 100, or if you would like to request a sample, please contact us. Our experts will be happy to assist you.

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